Patent for innovative pallet carousel system

Pallet carousel system with continuous pallet transport for the production of precast concrete elements

Patent No. 10 2005 038 338 

Prilhofer Consulting has developed a new type of pallet carousel system for precast concrete plants, independent of specific customer requirements. 

The patented concept for continuous production in a pallet carousel system, where the pallets move steadily forward like on an assembly line, offers several advantages compared with a conventional production system for precast concrete parts.  

Advantages of the innovative pallet carousel system for the production of precast elements

  • Design of the processing stations independent of the pallet size
  • Minimization of the building size by reducing the passive work area, thus saving construction and maintenance costs
  • Modular design of the plant, thus machines and robots can be retrofitted
  • Additional/extended applications for robots
  • Increased efficiency by eliminating pallet replacement times
  • Reduction of the hourly value of production by the continuous plant
  • Streamlining and acceleration of precast concrete production
  • The concept can also be integrated into existing plants

This system allows multiple different operations to be carried out on the length of a pallet and saves a great deal of space.

German patent Patent for innovative pallet carousel system in precast concrete production
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