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Customized solutions for serial and modular wood/timber construction 

We are the world market leader in the industrial production of buildings and offer customised solutions for the construction of buildings, including wood/timber construction. With industrially prefabricated wooden/timber elements, many types of building can be erected fast, sustainably and cost-effectively. It doesn't matter whether they are detached houses, appartments, public buildings or multi-storey car parks.

Our services

  • Independent consulting and planning for the industrial production of buildings
  • Factory planners with global expertise in various building systems
  • Expertise in the planning of automated production plants (CAD/CAM)
  • Master planning for new factories
  • Retrofit and upgrade of existing production plants

Sustainable construction

Sustainable construction therefore means minimizing emissions and using resources such as materials, staff and energy efficiently. Industrial production and prefabrication in the factory reduces the environmental impact of dirt, dust, noise and construction waste on the building site to a minimum. Truck traffic on the construction site is also minimized as much as possible. In addition, consistent pre-planning of the building elements avoids errors. The individual elements are simply assembled on the construction site.

Serial & modular construction

The industrial production of wood/timber buildings, e.g. for modular buildings, has the advantage that the modular buildings can be dismantled without leaving any residue or moved to another location and reassembled. When the modules are no longer needed, they can be returned to the factory to be dismantled and partially reused.

Continuous optimization of all processes in the production facilities, such as energy, efficiency, savings potential, etc., is the key to better market positioning.

Industrial production means the highest quality & resource savings

Industrial production in the factory ensures consistently high quality with maximum output, while significantly reducing emissions such as CO2, noise, dust and waste. Material, staff and energy can be used optimally. You can build up to 5 times faster than with conventional construction methods such as bricks or in-situ concrete. This in turn means more profit and a higher ROI for you as the factory owner and timber house supplier.

Nevertheless, the approach of resource savings always comes first - reducing energy consumption and preserving the environment. This means building for the future and with sustainability in mind.

Practical example:

Production Plant for Slabs and Walls made of Cement-Bound Chipboards

VST produces walls and slabs as permanent formwork with complete reinforcement and fixtures. Therefore, only concrete needs to be poured on site. 

The walls and slabs are made of cement-bound chipboards.We were commissioned to develop a new automatic production plant. 

This production process was applied for a patent following the development.

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Production Plant for Slabs and Walls made of Cement-Bound Chipboards

We are your trusted partner 

With its many years of expertise in factory planning for automated production plants (CAD/CAM), Prilhofer Consulting can provide you with the best possible advice. We accompany you from the initial idea through master planning and implementation to the commissioning of the factory. All professional disciplines are taken into account in a timely manner in order to ensure the best decisions are made.

We can also offer you our expertise for existing production facilities, analyzing all production processes and suggesting any necessary improvements/optimizations. 

Compared to the traditional planning process, integral planning (BIM) involves the precise coordination of building and building technology. In addition to the structural and technical trades and professional disciplines, all life cycles of the building as well as costs, user comfort and ecology are also taken into account.