Industrialized construction

Construction and Design Manual Prefabricated Housing

Construction and Design Manual by Philipp Meuser

Despite globalised mass production and the standardisation of our entire lives, we regard housing
construction in our culture as a discipline that must produce an individual solution for every task.
The multiple construction of well-designed buildings has hardly any lobby in Germany.

This volume of the Handbook and Planning Guide series aims to help ensure that industrial housing
construction is no longer a taboo for architects, their professional associations and chambers of architects. 

Insight into innovative building with precast concrete elements

Housing construction with prefabricated components has long since ceased to mean the defacement of the urban landscape with monotonous grey boxes. Thanks to modern production methods and 100 years of experience in planning prefabricated housing and building in large panel construction, this method is now experiencing a renaissance. This also includes timber construction with its much longer tradition of prefabrication.

Building history and current precast concrete projects

This title examines the potential of industrial housing construction from a structural, historical and architectural perspective. In addition to an insight into the design possibilities, production techniques and assembly methods, worldwide examples from Vancouver, Moscow and Singapore, among others, are presented.

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