New technical manual by Syspro group

"Precast Concrete Facades and the Thermowall System"

In January 2017 the Syspro group published a new manual providing information about precast concrete facades and the thermowall system.

Purpose of the new manual

The purpose of this book is to explain the building construction method using prefabricated concrete components, such as twin walls and floor slab, to interested architects, engineers and building developers.
The components are industrially manufactured which results in certain rules for designing details. If you follow these, its full potential in operating efficiency, energy efficiency and sustainability will unfold. The architect’s creative freedom remains untouched, even in prefabrication.

Manual "Precast concrete facades and the thermowall system"

Content of the manual

This book includes documentation with sample projects proving that it is realistic to build with prefabricated concrete components in architecturally high quality.
The user obtains interesting and useful information about the thermowall system and precast concrete facades, for example:

  • History of prefabricated concrete structures in Europe
  • Materials used for this system
  • The system at a glance
  • Examples of prefabricated facades
  • Structural and finishing work
  • Structural design
  • Details, cross-sections and views

How to order the manual

The sales price is € 75.00 for each volume (plus tax and dispatch charge) and can be directly ordered from us.

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